About Dror

Dror – The Association for Promoting Mental Health in the Community

Dror is a non-profit organization established in 1981 to help people affected by mental illness, rebuild their lives, reintegrate into the community and live independently following their discharge from psychiatric hospitalization. The mission of Dror is to support these people and provide them with various opportunities in the field of housing, employment, and social life.

Our work is based on the recovery approach which believes that recovery is a process designed to build the patients' self-worth and encourage them to lead meaningful lives.

Dror serves mental health consumers aged 25 and above who are entitled to a "rehabilitation basket" by the Ministry of Health.



The service of sheltered housing in the community is intended to accompany adult people who are facing mental illness. The service of sheltered housing is provided both to rehabilitants living with partners in apartments rented by the Association, and to people who live in apartments of their own. The guidance is provided by a team of skilled, professional coordinators of mental health care and rehabilitation.

Beit Hayotzer

In Ra'anana is a unique project for artists, who are affected by mental illness, designed to facilitate recovery and employment. The program targets every year, 60 people.

Beit Hayotzer is a fine arts studio and gallery where these artists can pursue their art, refine their professional abilities and develop work skills in a safe creative space that suits their needs.  Participants engage in workshops ranging from painting, glass fusing, mosaic design, and pottery. They create and experiment and further develop technical skills through training provided by prominent artists and instructors. Concurrently, rehabilitation practitioners help them acknowledge their abilities, build their motivation and self-esteem, and establish career pathways.  Beit Hayotzer also operates an art gallery for presentation and sales, sharing 50% of the revenue from sold goods with the artists.

Beit Hayotzer is not identified as a rehabilitation facility as it operates in a community art center, offering art workshops for the general public. Some of the rehabilitants join the workshop for the general public. There are also joint   exhibitions and activities which promote social and professional ties and undermines social stigma towards mental illness.

Group Intervention Center

Dror operates a Center for Group Interventions, which offers two based evidence methods:

  • Illness Management and Recovery Program (IMR), which is a curriculum-based psychosocial intervention designed as a structured program with a recovery-oriented approach.
  • Narrative Enhancement and Cognitive Therapy (NECT), a structured group-based interventional program to reduce elevated self-stigma of individuals affected by mental illness.
Social Club

The social club operates twice a week. It provides a social get-together to all the mental health consumers of the Sharon area (not only residents of the Dror Association).

The activity of the social club includes a variety of workshops, events around the holidays, trips etc'. The club members also go out together to movies, coffee shops, etc.

One day of activity a week is fully operated by the rehabilitants.